The Essence of Time


Most of us view the sunset as the end of one fine and busy day and the beginning of their nocturnal activities to unwind themselves from the hectic day that was.

For me, the sunset always remind me of the essence of TIME. Its always has a beginning and always an end. While sunrise heralds awakening to a bright new day of toil and adventure, sunset on the other hand means, it’s time to head back to your nest and spend your night in peace, serenity and of family sharing and bonding. For me, sunset also means preparing yourself to meet the next sunrise with more confidence and optimism in facing the never ending challenges of our daily life.

How about you? How’s your sunset like?


Dusk and Me


If twilight signifies the beginning of life, I can’t say that dusk or sunset connotes the end of life. I’d rather describe dusk as a fitting-end to a wonderful day.


For me, dusk is like closing another chapter of our continuing saga on the book of life. It is when the setting sun slowly dips into the horizon to give way to a pale moon set against the backdrop of purple skies. Birds return to their roosts to kiss the fading light of day goodnight. It is when bats and other nocturnal creatures take center stage.


Dusk is like the lowering of curtains after an opera show, only to rise again the following day. Breaking the utter silence of dusk are sounds of crickets chirping amongst the blades of grass and the cicadas monotonous buzzing sounds on tree tops. Brown moths take off from the darkened earth and frolic around candle light, while house geckos crawl out of their secret nooks to feed on flying insects. And as the faint sunlight gently turns into grey, tiny twinkling stars begin to peep out from the distant sky, while the round yellowish moon slowly beams its glow on mother earth.

Yes, dusk like twilight is always an enchanting experience. Dusk for the urbanites ushers a time of family bonding and relaxation after a hard days work. During Fridays, dusk or after dark is the time to drop by their favorite watering holes and spend a few hours to savor fine dining, music and a few drinks in the company of special friends and associates. No wonder, in most western countries, the loud battle cry of “Thank God It’s Friday” or TGIF, resonates right after the close of office hours.


In the Philippines, we call Fridays “its-gimmick time”. I had my fair share of such enjoyable moments during my working days. It sure spelled lots of fun and excitement. Other city dwellers would rather spend their Friday nights watching movies, bar hopping or perhaps hopping into their vans for a weekend out-of-town trip with the family to commune with nature and leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind. And being the provincial lass that I am, that’s exactly where I am now. It sure is pleasant and comforting to be one with wondrous mother nature. I always make it a point to tug along my three inseparable friends whenever I go nature tripping — they are my PEN, my NOTEBOOK and my trusty iPHONE. They help me capture the marvels of nature which I love to share with you, my dear readers.

Be it twilight or dusk, the sea or the beach, I can only write and portray what I actually see. But I can’t portray the true to life beauty, essence and splendor of nature the way God has created it to be. Only HE can paint the true colors of the rainbow that no earthly painter can do.

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Sunrise – Sunset


How I love to wake up at dawn and wait and watch for the majestic sun to rise. Sunrise always reminds me of LIFE — the beginning of life.

Like a seed sprouting out of the earth for the first time. As the sun rises I can’t help but think what this day has in store for me. Will it be good or bad? I’ll never know until I am in the midst of the day. That’s like life, isn’t it?


And as the day goes on, we face our daily joys and laughter, tears and fears, dreams and aspirations, challenges and frustrations.

And as the day wears on, we face the end of day with an equally awesome sunset. Like life it has its beginning and has its end. The sunset is inevitable and heralds the beginning of darkness.

Just like our LIFE, isn’t it? There is a beginning and an end.