A Pescetarian


I love eating fish. If people who loves eating veggies are called vegetarians, then call me a “pescetarian”.

Yes, I prefer eating fish in all its culinary forms than eating pork or beef. Do you know that fish is considered a brain food?

Fish also reduces the risk of heart ailments, stroke, obesity, arthritis, high blood pressure and cancer.

Pork, chicken and beef are usually prepared with chemicals or preservatives that may prove harmful to our health. Moreso, for canned sausages, liver spreads, corned beef and hotdogs.

Bicol Dish: Ginataang Yellow Fin

Bicol Dish: Ginataang Yellow Fin

Fish is likewise an iron builder thus lowering the risk of developing anemia. Mind you, most vegetarians may succumb to anemic deficiencies.

So, don’t you wish you were a “pescetarian” like me?

Fish in Sour Soup