What Makes People Laugh at You

It can be embarrassing when people laugh at you when you least expect it.

Here are just some:

For Men: Walking around people with your fly (zipper) wide open. You’d hear laughs and side comments like “he must be a boy scout — always ready”. Or, here is a guy who unintentionally farts out loud while doing a presentation. No nasty comments from the audience at first. Just muffled laughter and smiles with some noses covered. Or, a guy whose wig gets blown off by a strong guts of wind while walking on a busy street.

For Women: Here is a girl who dials up her cellphone and starts screaming at her boyfriend only to find out she had the wrong number. And here’s a lady all dressed up strutting around a big hotel lobby like a regal queen only to find out most people staring at her butt. “Red Letter Day” ladies, so be careful always! This can happen to you.

More (Aviation Humor):


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