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One day at dawn I took a stroll by the seashore and noticed a number of dead Jellyfish washed ashore. They come in multitudes at this time of the year till about August (or Habagat).

These seemingly harmless sea creatures can be dangerous to swimmers. Once you get in contact with a jelly fish its tentacles leaves tiny stingers in the skin that release venom into the body. The sting causes itchiness, numbness or pain.

Here’s a simple remedy once stung:

  • Wash and rinse the affected area with sea water. Fresh water will induce the stingers to release more poison.
  • Soak the skin with vinegar for 15-30 mins.

Beware of these mysterious little guys!


Yes, FIRE! The most dreaded scream you’d want to hear. This happened to me only a few months ago. It was around 10 p.m. when I was awaken by shouts of FIRE FIRE!

I felt my whole body shake when I looked out of my window and saw the kitchen of my uncle’s house on fire. It was only a few meters away.

Instinctively, I rushed to the burning house thinking about the six kids aged 3-10. Luckily, they were already outside when I got there. I herded them to my room and attempted to rush back to help the menfolk put out the fire. But the kids followed me, so I got them back to my room and tried to put them to sleep.

I still could see the fire from my window and I wanted to video the fire. On second thought, I decided not to capture an unfortunate incident like this on film. My knees were shaking. I wanted to help but I couldn’t leave the kids.

After some minutes, the menfolk succeeded in extinguishing the fire. Those few minutes seemed like hours to me. I thought I would faint due to immense fear. Am glad only the kitchen burned down and everyone was safe.

I am a believer of a Filipino saying — It’s better to be burglarized ten times than to get your house burned down just once!

Worthwhile Hobby


Since I was five (5) years old I was so fascinated watching my mom at work on her sewing machine. I used to tinker with it while she was away. When she found out she removes the needle from the machine whenever she goes out. That’s where I learned to sew by hand at a tender age.

Now, I love sewing shorts for my niece and nephews by hand. To date, I must have done more than a hundred shorts in my spare time.

I derive much happiness and fulfillment when I see the kids’ faces beaming with joy and laughter while proudly showing off their new shorts. It’s a hobby I will always love doing whenever I can.

Giving happiness has no price tag on it.


It’s not only sewing I am proud of doing. As a youngster, I watch and observe my dad do carpentry work at home. That’s when I got interested and learned how to use the saw, hammer and other carpentry tools with ease.

I remember I had a suitor during my college days in Manila. He found me busy sawing and hammering away while fixing up and reinforcing a whole door at my boardinghouse with all the sweat and dirt. He just stared and watched. I found out he didn’t even know basic carpentry work.

Guess what? He never showed up again. I had to fix the door of my room myself to prevent burglars from breaking in. No big deal guys! That is, if you know how!



One time, I accompanied a good friend to a far flung “barangay” on a private motorboat (banca). The long boat ride was enjoyable until we reach our destination. To my dismay, there was no wharf to disembark. Only big boulders by the shoreline. One slip and you’d fall into the stoney water waist deep. It’s so pathetic to know why the local government can’t construct a useful wharf or unloading ramp to avoid wading ashore.

Not like where I came from. You can bring the boat right on the sandy beach. Well, we all had no choice but go and wade ashore just like General Douglas McArthur’s Leyte beach landing!


Do you like boat riding? Maybe it depends on your status in life. The rich have yatchs and speed boats. Well, as for me I love the old trusty motor boat (banca). It got riggers to make it more stable especially on rough seas.

Boating is exhilarating. You feel the gush of wind on your face and the invigorating smell of sea water. I like the feel of bouncing on the “banca” as it slices thru the waves. That reminds me of a roller coaster ride when I was a kid.


Come to Bicol and enjoy the sea and our wondrous Mayon Volcano! It has the most perfect cone in the world.