The Essence of Time


Most of us view the sunset as the end of one fine and busy day and the beginning of their nocturnal activities to unwind themselves from the hectic day that was.

For me, the sunset always remind me of the essence of TIME. Its always has a beginning and always an end. While sunrise heralds awakening to a bright new day of toil and adventure, sunset on the other hand means, it’s time to head back to your nest and spend your night in peace, serenity and of family sharing and bonding. For me, sunset also means preparing yourself to meet the next sunrise with more confidence and optimism in facing the never ending challenges of our daily life.

How about you? How’s your sunset like?


Do you have a “beach personality”?

Count me in. You can call me a beachcomber or a beach bum but never a beach rat. The latter connotes one who is always at the beach and hates work. No siree, not me! LOL!

image I am a plain and simple beach lover. Well, I was born and raised by the beach in my lovely hometown of Sorsogon, Philippines that’s why. Imagine yourself strolling by the seashore barefooted while waiting for the first rays of sunlight amidst the cool gentle sea breeze rushing through your face, ruffling your hair while invigorating your whole being.

Listen to the melodious splashing of the waves beneath your feet and shrilling cries of seabirds swooping to and fro the seashore, heralding the break of day. Pick up those multi shaped and colorful sea shells as you walk the soft and soothing sand. Laze by the beach and get a good tan while sipping your favorite lemonade.

Don’t you wish you live by the beach?

By the Beach

I grew up and live by the beach and for me the beach is pure LIFE! Clean and clear water, fresh air, pristine sand by your feet, the gentle roar and splash of the waves by the seashore, the refresh…

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The Rain


Most of us love the rain while there are others who hate the rain. Why so?

Summertime is just around the corner here in tropical Philippines. This is when we experience very hot and humid weather (35-40 plus degrees celsius). During summer time people wish for rain to quench the heat, water the dried up earth and agricultural land and fill-up the depleted dams, water sheds and irrigation canals.

In fact, during dry spells much effort is exerted to produce rain. We have special types of rain making aircraft that sow iodized salt to potential clouds to induce rain. It is a trial and error exercise in most cases. Cloud seeding is not a sure method of producing the desired amount of rainfall needed.

Being a Catholic country, bishops and priest receit a special prayer just to have rain. American Indians and some African natives practice a rain dance. It is during times like this that people loves rain.

If the summer heat is prolonged, the fear of drought occurs. And when this happens, famine is not far behind. Many countries in Africa are hard hit by drought due to extreme hot weather. Thousands die of starvation and disease. That’s how valuable rain is to mankind.

For me, I love rain. It cools down the temperature and is very conducive to sleep and relaxation. Where I live I am not really bothered by a hot and rainless summer. Lucky me, I have the beach for myself. But during late the months of May to December, the sea is teeming with jelly fish. I would avoid swimming lest my body would turn itchy red from their sting.

Anyway, when June arrives, it heralds the start of the rainy season and stormy weather in this part of the world. That’s when we get tons upon tons of hard rain. Because of this over supply of rain water, people start to hate the rain.

In places where the ecology is abused, rain can give rise to deadly flash floods and landslides. Even the urban areas and cities in Manila are not spared by the destructive effects of extreme flooding.

Many people are displaced from their homes and damage to property can be horrendously expensive. Transportation grinds to a halt while work and school are suspended. Much more when super typhoons of nearly 200-300+ kph hits our country. Utter devastation and thousands of deaths are the end result.

You must have heard or read about typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) that ravaged a large part of our archipelago. It is the deadliest and strongest super typhoon to make landfall in recorded modern history. Packing a maximum sustained winds of 315 kph near the center, typhoon Yolanda resulted in the death of nearly 7000 people and destruction worth over billions of dollars. During times like this when rain is overly plenty and destructive, people start hating rain.

If there is a special prayer to induce rain, there is an equivalent prayer to stop the stormy rain. Funny, isn’t it?

Rain brings about a love-hate relationship with people. Perhaps a mild rain is what people love. Specially in the country side. But come to think about it, a cool and romantic rainy night may contribute to over population. That’s if you know what I mean, LOL! Naughty minded me.

No matter what, rain can give life and destroy life. That’s Mother Nature’s way of maintaining the balance of life for us earthly beings. It’s up for man to be ecologically conscious.

Grow more trees, stop clogging waterways with garbage and stop illegal logging are just a few ways to appease Mother Nature. If man destroys nature, nature will surely destroy us.

I do remember a poem when I was a child;

Rain rain go away come again another day little children wants to play.

The poet must be a rain hater. If the rain goes away for a long period of time, will the children still want to play when they are half starved? Or, should the rain and wind come pouring down with all its might, will there still be children around to play?

LIFE is surely an irony folks!

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The Rainbow


Everyone aged 7 to 70, including you and me, has wondrous words whenever we see a rainbow. We stare wide-eyed at a rainbow with our mouths agape.

What makes the rainbow so loved by its viewers? IT IS MAGICAL! There is always a myth or a song behind every rainbow. Remember the famous song “SOME WHERE OVER THE RAINBOW…? I am sure you know the lyrics of that timeless song.

How about the myth “YOU WILL FIND A POT OF GOLD AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW”? Believe it or not, but many a folks the world over fell for that myth. Gee! I wish it were true!

For me, the rainbow is a true-to-life vision of fantasy land. An imaginary land where winged fairies and dancing elves dwell. The colors of the rainbow exudes the beauty of life. It brings endless smiles to the lonely and lasting hope to the weary. Time stops whenever you look and stare at a fantastic rainbow over the horizon. Perhaps, it is the dazzling kaleidoscope of colors that casts you into a hypnotic spell. Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

Yes, all of these breath taking colors rolled up into one marvelous sight! You may know the scientific explanation on what makes a rainbow. True, it is just a large prism of projected light. But the way it presents itself to the naked eye dispels and defies science. It’s something that leaves us to our fertile imagination. It is a living work of art only our God can create.

Great paintings of rainbows are not really that incredible and appealing when compared to the real and extraordinary one. It is just like a picture devoid of a living soul. The best time to see a brightly colored rainbow is right after a hard rain on a summer’s day. A picture perfect shot of a brilliant rainbow is on a vast open plain lined up with mountains on the horizon. There you will see both ends of the rainbow touching the ground.


When I was a child, I always thought the rainbow was a huge arc entrance leading into Heaven. It looked so solid to me from afar. No wonder the saying, “You’ll find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow”. Indeed, a rainbow adds color to our lives. It brings us much happiness and peace of mind. No matter if we are rich or poor, young or old, a rainbow will always be there for us to love and behold! It is only one of many magnificent creations made by the Supreme Painter and Creator of Life!

[Originally published at rated 4/5 Star]