How to Setup 3rd Party URL for Blog

Someone asked me how I setup 3rd party URL for my Blogger blogs so I created this short post.

(1) Buy a domain from

(2) Sign In at,

  • Select “Setting”, click “+Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog”.
  • Enter your domain (i.e.
  • Copy CNAMEs reference below screenshot.

(3) Go to Namecheap Dashboard… click “Manage”… click “Domain” and “Advanced DNS”…

(3.1) Edit/Create CNAME Records and paste CNAMEs reference #2.

(3.2) Add four (4) “A Record” using the following IP addresses:


That’s it!

Why I Choose Namecheap?

  • Credit/Debit Card NOT required.
  • Bitcoin Accepted.

Why do you write?


Someone wrote an article on PersonaPaper and asking why do you write online. I said I started to write online because I got curious on why many people write online. And just to test my skills too, I gave it a try.

I am happy receiving likes and comments from netizens the world over. I feel my efforts are appreciated and recognized. And mind you, that’s even WITHOUT pay. But of course I’d be more than happy to be financially rewarded. Hahaha!

Now, I want to ask my fellow bloggers the same question. WHY DO YOU WRITE?


Make Money Blogging


I never thought I would be an internet blogger by now. I do remember how I hated Theme Writing in my English class during my elementary and high school days.

I started blogging in 2012 with (former I wrote more about “personal” and aviation (airplanes, helicopters, etc.) without thinking what most people like to read or search online but that is WHAT I KNOW. I enjoyed having fans and friends there but I decided to delete my account after a year because of FanBox I’ll Pay Later (IPL) processing fees.

I joined in 2013 from mobile. I also wrote personal and aviation topics, etc. I was very happy my 1-6 redemptions were all successful. I continued writing though I didn’t receive payments for my 7-9 redemptions. I got paid again for my 10-13 redemptions but sad to say my account was deleted after eight months because of profile and post link on some of my bubbles (not a referral/affiliate but link to another paid-to-write website). I registered again in 2014 so I could comment on my friends’ posts (just for fun, not hoping much for money).

I joined in 2013 and republished deleted articles from previous sites but now it’s GONE.

I joined PersonaPaper in 2014 from mobile too. NO DUPLICATE content is allowed (reposting is fine as long as the original is already deleted but I prefer not to, I created this blog for that purpose).

I joined January 2015 and got paid many times already.

There are so many paid-to-write and other revenue sharing sites and mobile apps popping up these days but I cannot attend to many of them. So, in the mean time I’d stick to bitLanders.



UPDATED: 05-Sept-2016