Any of you involved in AVIATION?

Maybe only one (1) out of three thousand (3,000) would. It’s really a small complex world where everybody seems to know each other. It is a highly technical and complex work environment compared to the common and generic office work or skilled labor in most industries. Aviation has its own language only known to those who belong.


Ok, let me test you. What is Fuselage, an Empennage, Glass Cockpit (not what you know), Ailerons, Elevator (not what you know), Rudder, Joystick, Avionics, Altimeter, GNS, GPS, DME, TCAS, Contrails, Short Finals, Propeller Governor, and many many more?

So, what’s your score guys? Maybe none.

READ more insights in the wonderful World of Aviation here: www.YvesPlaneTalk.com

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