Earn Online

Make Money Online

Did you know that you can make money with your smartphones?


(1) If you love blogging, photography and videography, try bitLanders.

bitLanders is A SOCIAL AND CONTENT PLATFORM that rewards its users in Bitcoin before. Today, we get paid thru PayPal and/or Payza (1,000,000 bitMiles is approximately US$1). We can withdraw USD to Bitcoin thru Payza. I got paid many times there, payment proccessing takes 3-7 days only.

If you could write at least 2-3 high quality articles (1,000 or more words with videos, images, links, quotes, bold important words, with ten (10) relevant keywords/tags) and receive 5/5 star ratings WEEKLY, you can even CASHOUT DAILY!


Yes, I’ve earned up to 35 mBTC (0.035 BTC) in one day there, the minimum payment was 0.025 BTC (Bitcoin) or $10 (Paypal).

BUT BUT BUT… in order to get paid we have to verify our account by completing “identity” and “selfie” verifications.

bitLanders is like a combination of Youtube, WordPress, Facebook and Twitter. You can make money from your videos and/or blog and/or pictures/gallery, microblogging and doing daily tasks i.e. viewing 5 videos and 5 articles daily, referrals, etc.


Added is FlapPig game on Android and iOS.

bitLanders users can also log on to www.bit-miles.com and https://www.querlo.com using bitLanders login details.

EVERYONE can join.

Here are some of my blog posts rated 5/5 Star:

Click HERE to view my 2015 bitLanders Payments

Click HERE to view my 2016 bitLanders Payments


(2) Get Paid to Review Recorded Phone Calls


(3) Have fun and get paid completing short tasks with Spare5 .

It works on desktop and iOS app.

(4) Shorten links and share them on Twitter or blogs.

Example: I earn when you click/view the following shortened referral links even if you do not sign up.

NOTE: Facebook banned these

(5) Earn Money Taking Photos

(6) Earn thru Affiliate/Referral Programs

Join me in CoinHeaps.com

(7) Play Games

My favorites are JPLabs android apps.

I like BitFun but I prefer to play on mobile apps.

(8) Sell Products and/or Services

Sign Up at Steemit.com or Buy Steem Account at BlockTrades.us and login at SteemGIGs.org via SteemConnect. Read SteemGIGs FAQ.

SteemGIGs is the NEW alternative to Fiverr.

(9) Get Free Cryptocurrency at

(10)Mining Cryptos



In order to SEND/RECEIVE Bitcoin (BTC) and/or Ethereum (ETH), we need an online Bitcoin Wallet (similar to PayPal) first.

Where to get Bitcoin Wallet?

You can create account with coinbase.com (It’s FREE!). Check here if it is available in your country. Coinbase supports ETH too.

Also check WirexApp.

If you are in the Philippines, sign up at www.coins.ph. ETH wallet is now available at Coins.ph too. READ THIS.

With coins.ph, we can transfer Bitcoin (automatic convert to local currency) to our local bank accounts, GCash, SmartMoney, pay bills, reload prepaid cellphone and many more. We can Cash IN thru 7-11, GCash, etc.

How to Receive Bitcoin Payments?

Simply scan/copy your Bitcoin Wallet Address and paste it to payment info box of any site or mobile app that pays in Bitcoin or to another Bitcoin Wallet.

Example of Bitcoin Wallet Address:


You can now send Bitcoins to the author of this blog because you already have her Bitcoin Wallet Address. LOL!

We can also use Blockchain.info, Xapo.com, etc. and transfer Bitcoins from and to any of them. You can check the list of Bitcoin companies HERE

Like PayPal, we can use e-mail address to send/receive Bitcoin or Ethereum payment IF both the sender and recipient are using the same wallet provider i.e. Blockchain to Blockchain, Coinbase to Coinbase, Xapo to Xapo, Coins.ph to Coins.ph, etc.

How and Where to Exchange DogeCoin, LiteCoin, and other digital currencies?

We can convert Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin and Dogecoin to Bitcoin Core (BTC) at Coinpot.co and transfer BTC to any Bitcoin wallets. For other ALTCOINS (Bitcoin Alternatives) we can create account with CryptoCurrency Exchanges like Poloniex, Bittrex, Binance, etc. READ THIS.


UPDATE: Due to blockchain FEE increase when transferring Bitcoin to external wallets, I use Coinpot.co DOGECOIN wallet before transferring BTC to Coins.ph. With Coinpot, we can deposit Litecoin/Dogecoin from exchanges like BlockTrades, Poloniex, etc. and convert to Bitcoin then transfer 0.001 or more BTC to external wallets FREE to date.


 [UPDATED:  05-Jun-2018]

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  4. I learned how to use Bitcoin from bitLanders and I learned how to trade Altcoins (Bitcoin Alternatives) and other CryptoCurrencies (Ethereum, Monero, Steem, Synero, Tether, etc. etc.) from Steemit. If you join bitLanders and Steemit you can find helpful posts, interact with active members to learn more 🙂

    Will update this page and add some links 👍


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