Cat or Dog

I was, am and will always be a dog person. I’ve taken care of dogs amongst other pets since I was a little girl.

No offense to feline lovers, but personally cats are not in my pet wish list. I guess it’s about the negative experiences I had with cats.

First is the stinking poop that always greets me by our doorstep on mornings when I just got out of bed. Yuck! I should be inhaling fresh air instead and not that “aroma”! LOL!

Secondly, cats almost always shed a lot of hair which may cause respiratory problems to asthmatic persons. While I am not asthmatic, their hairs makes me sneeze. I have never heard of and seen a hairless cat.

On the other hand, Mexicans say that a pure bred chihuahua’s hairy scent is good for asthmatics. Fact or fiction??? Never had that breed of dog. Moreso, cats are in the habit of jumping into your bed spreading hairs and who knows what… fleas? Oh God, no way! Our dogs are more of outdoor guard pets and are never invited to sleep on our beds, unlike the way most Americans treat their dogs.

Another thing about cats is that they seldom if ever, are given a good bath. I know for a fact that our stray domesticated house cats never had a bath since birth. Perhaps, the more sophisticated and vanity pampered Persian or Siamese cats do enjoy good grooming from their rich masters. But in fairness, I enjoy looking at cute kitten pictures and watching funny videos of cats doing silly antics.

How about you?

Are you a dog or a cat lover? Your pick.

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