Today’s Woman


Todays’ women are a far cry from the women of yesteryears. During the earliest civilizations of mankind, women were treated as mere second rate human beings born and destined to be subservient to men. There are a few exceptions in history were women were born otherwise, the likes of which were Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth, Joan of Arc and the Empress Dowager of China to name but a few.

Women in many parts of the world then, were relegated to the kitchen, house keeping or slavery. Or, being wives and members of harems of the ancient rich. They had no rights at all. They can neither speak their minds openly nor cast their votes to select their rulers. This kind of treatment and discrimination can still be seen in some countries of today. But due to international human rights advocacies worldwide, many nations are giving their women folk more freedom to exercise their rights in a modern society. It was only recently that women in a wealthy Middle Eastern country were allowed to drive a car.

In many parts of Africa, women were likewise given the right of suffrage and the right to seek higher education and employment.

Today, you can find women the world over engaged in jobs that were once exclusive to men. On top of my head, I can think of women educators, engineers of all fields, architects, lawyers, court justices, pilots, astronauts, sailors and mariners, combat soldiers, bus and taxi drivers, aircraft and auto mechanics, police enforcers, business managers and captains of industries, doctors and medical practitioners, senators, congressmen and even heads of state.

During the second world war, women were called upon to contribute their part in the war effort both in the USA and Russia. They helped build tanks, fighter planes and bombers and other war materials.

Women of today’s world are no push-overs anymore. They have proven themselves many times immemorial to be on equal footing with man. There is a women’s right saying that goes like this — “what a man can do, a woman can do better”.

No offense guys! No offense! After all, God created Adam first before Eve came to be out of his rib. But but but, had Eve been created by God first, I am sure my story would have been the other way around. LOL!

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