Time Traveler


You are all familiar with the novel, the Time Machine by H.G. Wells. Let’s suppose I was the heroine of his novel and I would do my own time traveling. I was born in the 70’s but let me switch my machine to 20 years before my year of birth.

The Year: 1950
Place: Manila, Philippines.

After World War II, the Philippines began recovering from the war. By the 1950’s, the economy began a phase of rapid growth. We were the second largest in Asia. One US Dollar is equivalent to One Philippine Peso. Wow! Can you beat that?


At that time our Asian neighbors were still in shambles or internal strife. Filipinos can go to the USA without obtaining a visa. Public education was free and the literacy rate was incredibly high. People were disciplined, nationalistic and God fearing.


You can walk the streets or parks at night with out fear. You can even leave your doors or windows open at night. There was virtually no traffic in the streets of Manila. The air was refreshingly clean. Rivers and canals were free from garbage and pollution. You can buy a favorite soft-drink for one centavo. Local jeepney fare was at 5 centavos. Bus fare at 15 centavos. A good nourishing lunch can be had for 20 centavos. With a 50 peso bill you can wine and dine at the posh Manila Hotel. Clothes can range from fifty centavos to one peso. And that’s branded US made apparel.


Education was at its peak. We were considered the model for higher education in Asia. The populace had a high literacy rate.


People spoke in English and Spanish. The government was manned by experienced and well-educated public administrators who were highly nationalistic and uncorruptible. The local communist insurgency was succesfully quelled after an effective land reform system was in place.


There was freedom of the press. The crime rate in major cities was very low, compared to today’s standards. Streets were clean and garbage disposal was well organized. Food supply was in abundance in market places. Employment was enjoyed by a vast majority of the population. The standard of living was at an all time high. The country was very rich with natural resources and the ecological environment well preserved and cared for. Logging and mining were under strict scrutiny and supervision by the government agencies concerned.

Yes, it’s so hard to believe that once upon a time my country was the true to life model of pure and wholesome democracy in Asia. Farm to market produce were plentiful and affordable. We were known exporters of prime commodities and agricultural products worldwide. There was virtually no religious strife in the Muslim provinces of the country. Christians and Muslims peacefully co-existed. There was true PEACE and ORDER, just like the biblical Garden of Eden. Having been to this wonderful dreamland of the 1950’s on my time machine, I am now hesitant to go back to my present day and age. I am sure Filipinos of my generation will definitely wish to turn back the hands of time, if only to live in a real world of enduring peace, economic prosperity, honest and capable governance!

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