Adopting a Child

I am not a believer of child adoption. If I was wealthy, I would rather donate to charity or set up a foundation to help poor families by providing them with food, clothing, shelter and of course, education. I want to help families that are INTACT. It makes me happier to see them progress and grow in my own little way.


Most of the children for adoption are from orphanages. It pains me see these kids brought up in orphanages without feeling the true love and care of their biological parents. There are innumerable reasons why these kids are brought to orphanages. Many of them were simply abandoned by their mothers only days old after birth. Some of them may have lost both their parents after a tragic event like fire, natural disasters or by crime.

Perhaps, childless couples who long to have a child of their own are more psychologically prepared to face the challenges of child adoption. They adopt a child to fill in the void of emptiness in a family. There is nothing more fulfilling than to have a child or children they can call their own. Having a child gives more meaning to their lives.

Child adoption is more commonly practiced in first world countries where the per capita income is high. Foster parents there are more than financially fit to cope with the needs of the child. In third world countries, child adoption is not that popular. The high cost of living can dissuade or discourage childless couples from adding another mouth to feed. However, there may be a few affluent parents who may go for adoption.

In the Philippines, there is this myth that most adopted children are gifted with successful careers in life. They always excel in academics and are resourceful individuals. Yes, maybe true. It is perhaps in the innate nature of an adopted child to survive and prove his worth in society.


There will always come that time when he finds out the truth of being an adopted child. And this may not stop him from searching for his true parents later in his life. That question will always be at the back of his mind for as long as he lives.

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