Rich versus Poor

The rich will never want to become poor and the poor will always want to become rich. Both classes have similar aspirations. However, the chances of the poor to become rich may take several generations to achieve thru hard work and industry. That’s unless they win a 50 million peso lottery. Or indulge in high staked criminal activities. But to the extremely rich that 50M might only be a drop in the bucket compared to their billions in the bank or business sources.

Normally, a poor guy who instantly becomes a millionaire by stroke of luck or crime will impulsively splurge and spend that money to buy things they never had before. If he is unwise he may soon find out he’s back to square one. The more a rich man gets richer he becomes more frugal. He sees and upholds the true value of money. The poor guy only knows the value of money and what he can get out of it to fill in his capricious wants. That so-called nouveau rich guy will try to lavishly dress, act and spend and imitate what his real rich counterparts do. But if he is wise enough he may go into a profitable business to make his fortunes grow. I know of many people who after hard work, sacrifice and perseverance ended up the main star of a “Rags to Riches” story. This kind of guy deserves every penny of his hard earned fortune. Just like the rich, he knows and sees the value of money. But only a few can achieve such. Whether you hit the jackpot or were really born rich, it all boils down to astute financial management.

Today, there is a great disparity between rich and poor nations. It just goes to show we all live in one community and in one world. Human nature is universal. I don’t think this situation will ever change in our life time. It’s MONEY that makes the world go round after all! (I wish I had some! LOL!) Don’t you?


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