Poor versus Poor

I guess people of most third world countries who are considered poor have the same mindset when it comes to seeing people of their own social class striving to make life better for themselves.

Wearing a new dress with a little make up or eating in some fancy places are but a few reactions of these negative thinkers. Immediately they frown on that person and cast a negative spell on them with a lot of oh maybe she is so on and so forth and starts a chain of gossips thereafter. I think it’s more of envy that drives them to think that way.

No wonder they don’t improve and rather be content with just staying as poor as they will ever be. They always want their self improving poor neighbor to be one of and one like them. This kind of mentality will only stagnate their social class.

It is really hard to accept how people can talk behind your back as you pass them by. Only God can help them change.


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