The Sea


Numerous books, poems, literary works of art, paintings, photography and even movies were made about the SEA.

Yes, I am but one of millions who admires and loves this magical creation of God. I was born and raised by the sea and it has been part of my entire life.

As a child, the splashing waves on the seashore would wake me up by dawns early light. I would frolic on the sandy beach barefooted and savor the refreshing air that filled my lungs. I would wade by the seashore and cast my eyes towards the endless horizon. I would ask the sea what would become of me when I grow up. For me, the sea is LIFE!

Seeing a fleet of fishing boats from afar makes me believe that the sea means livelyhood to many fishermen. They bring all kinds of sea creatures to countless of dining tables. I would see a variety of big and small fish and crustaceans. Occasionally, small sharks and octopus. And when the fishermen comes ashore, the sandy beach becomes a carnival of cheering and noisy market people waiting to buy the fresh catch of the day. I would ran toward the crowd and watch how the once quiet beach turn into an auction house. And when the buying stops, some friendly fishermen would hand me a plastic bag of smaller fish (“duwal”, “bugiw”, “pugot”, “sibubog” except tuna) for free!

Even to this day, I would get the same bag of fish if the haul is plentiful. I don’t think city dwellers can enjoy such freebies. Our fishermen love and respect the sea. I heard in other provinces dynamite fishing is the favored method of fishing. It is supposed to be banned and illegal, but local authorities would turn a blind eye since they benefit from the corrupt practice of dole-outs and bribery. What a shame!

Dynamite fishing destroys the corals and other habitats of sea. No wonder after a while these lazy and unscrupulous fisher end up with a meager catch and most often than not, no catch. At least in my locality our fishermen are disciplined and ecology loving people. I heard that in some areas fishermen use cyanide. It has the same effect as dynamite fishing. It destroys the ecological balance of the seabed. I hope one day these unmindful fishermen would stop this ill practice before it’s too late. Mother Nature has her ways of getting back at them.

I wish someday I would have the chance to scuba dive and watch the magical and enchanting world beneath our feet. I would like to capture in film the wonderful and multi colored corals and reefs while fish of every size, shape and color abound around you. It is a totally different world of color and splendor. It is a dream I want to come true. But right now, while no fisherman has given me some fish, I am opening a sardine can to have my meal. Nonetheless, these little sardines all came from the SEA! Chow!

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