The Beach


Remember the first time your dad took you to the beach when you were stilll a child? And if by chance you still have that cornucopia your dad gave you then, go stick it in your ear and you will certainly hear the beach calling you. You’ll hear the never ending splashing of the waves by the seashore and the intermittent shrills of sea gulls over the sea. It is as if an orchestra is playing a hypnotic symphony for you to enjoy.


Actually, that’s a famous storybook tale as old as the sea itself. It’s a fact that almost everyone of us did have their fair share of unforgetable and nostalgic moments on the beach no matter what country you live in. The beach is like a magnet that brings us enchantment over and over again. It’s some kind of experience you don’t find in cities and urban centers. It’s like going back to commune with nature at its best!

There are many ways to enjoy the beach. You can simply wade barefooted by shallow waves of the seashore and savor the invigorating sea wind as you walk along. Or, get a san tan by laying leisurely by sand while sipping your favorite lemonade.

For the more experienced ones, you can go surfing the waves to your hearts delight or, go speedboat riding and explore the vastness of the sea.

For the brave and daring, you can go paragliding and be one with the seagulls while being tugged by a speedboat. That’s an ultimate and exhilarating ride you will never forget! Of course for the more cautious, you can spend your time in the water on your life saver or just plain lazing on top of a rubberized life raft.

It’s not only the water for you to enjoy. Bury your whole body in the sand with your head just sticking out. It can be very soothing and relaxing. Imaginative children or perhaps even adults can build their own castles in the sand. Just make sure you build it far enough from the ripples of the waves.


The sand also offers a variety of seashells for you to add to your collections or chase the elusive hermit crabs along the shore. You can string up a net by the sand and play volleyball with your friends.

On the beach resort there are facilities where you can rent jet skis, leisurely boat rides, snorkeling and scuba diving gears. The beaches are lined up with beautiful rental cottages where you can spend the night with your family or friends.

The windy and starlit evening is not complete without the usual gathering by the bonfire while roasting barbecue and hotdogs and drinking moderately while singing the night away. Night swimming can be very enjoyable as well. There are a hundred and more things you can do to enjoy the beach.


Here in the Philippines, many local urbanites and foreign tourists have started trooping to the numerous beaches now that summertime is here. Yes, for me there is nothing more enchanting than being at the beach in my hometown of Sorsogon. It is and will always be my paradise. I should know. I was born and raised by the beach. And I feel so lucky to greet the early morning sun of every new day by the beach.

The BEACH is and will always be my LIFE!

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