Those wonderful heavenly bodies that never fail to mystify us. On a clear night, one can only wonder how many stars are up there looking down on us. Twinkling stars are the farthest from mother earth. Two nursery rhymes come to mind – “Twinkle twinkle little stars, how I wonder what you are. I wish I may….” and “Starlight star bright, first star I’ve seen tonight. Wish I may…” I am sure you know the rest.

Wish? Yes, why do we wish whenever we see stars? Do stars possess some powers that can make a wish come true? Shooting stars are the more popular stars you can make a wish on. They say if you can make a wish before it quickly disappears towards earth, that wish will come true.

Actually, those are small meteorites that hurdle towards earth in vast numbers everyday. Not all stars though bring good news. Old tales say that comets with long tails fortell wars or misfortunes like worldwide famine, extreme drought, or natural disasters. Many swore that before World War I started, a long tailed comet streaked through the night skies of Europe.

On the other hand, stars can be very helpful and accurate navigational reference points of sea faring explorers of centuries ago.


Even until the 1970’s, airline navigators used a sextant to verify and confirm their direction while on flight at night. Of course, in this day and age, the Global Positioning System or GPS took over that role.

Meteorologist and astronomers identify constellations by names. We have the Big and Small Dipper, the Tropic of Cancer, Capricorn, Orion, Pegasus and Aquarius to name a few of millions found in the Milky Way.

And do you know that the Sun is the nearest star to earth? The moon is earth’s only natural satellite in the Solar System. It is not a star since it orbits the earth and not the sun.

What’s in a star? Have you ever wondered why the entertainment industry in particular, use the word STAR to denote an actor, an actress or a descriptive event of extraordinary distinction? Superstar, Star of the Show, Guest Star, Mega Star, Movie Star, Starlet and Star of all Seasons. Or, Star Talk, Stardom, Starring Role, etc. Well, it’s probably because a bright shining star on a dark evening sky is always the main focus of attention.


Let’s not forget the guiding Star of Bethlehem. It led the three wise men to the birth place of the Son of God! Yes, stars are indeed an awesome sight. It surely will get you STARSTRUCK!

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