On Being a Billionaire


Who doesn’t want to become a billionaire?

I am not one but I can dream I am one, can’t I?

If I was one I would work harder to become a trillionaire! LOL! No kidding. That’s how millionaires became billionaires. They are blessed with much foresight and astute entrepreneurship. They are go-getters and won’t stop until they achieve their goals. For me it is important to earn your money and use it wisely in business. After all, money begets money. Right? Once I achieve my first million I would seek for sound and sure fire investments that would multiply my earnings until I get my first billion. To achieve that, you must possess a keen insight coupled with shrewdness in all your business undertakings. It’s what they call acumen. Perhaps, I would look into real estate, technology, entertainment, retail, and currency investments.

And if I was a billionaire I can buy what I want. Of course, I wouldn’t be a spend thrift. I would buy things that I can use as tools for my business enterprise and not for extravagance. I may buy a jet or helicopter to get me to where I can do business FAST. Time for me is gold. Perhaps, a branded car not to show affluence but for practicality sake. A nice comfortable country home for me to relax in peace and serenity after a hard days work. Clothes for appropriate occassions only and good food and exercise to keep me fit and healthy. I would always watch my figure, mind you. LOL! And I would of course donate to charity. I shouldn’t forget where I came from. Maybe I would establish a foundation to help my needy countrymen. One must learn to share his good fortune with the less fortunate. I would only visit other countries to further my business and not to splurge on frivolous trips.

I must make sure that my businesses are working like clockwork. Productivity is the name of the game. Knowing how to care for your employees is equally important. The more they will be productive when they know you are one and part of them. Hands on type of management is essential to know where you stand. Customer care must be first and foremost in your business dealings. Without customers, you are nothing. Honesty, transparency and reliability must always be part of your work ethics. It’s nice to maintain a high standard for all your products and services. I would respect my competitors but must be on top of them always. I would shun publicity as this will only result to intrigues from the envious and unscrupulous media practitioners. The more you are in the limelight the more eyes and mouths are upon you.

It sure is nice to be a billionaire. However, there are downsides to being a billionaire. First on my list is security. I don’t want to be on the hit list of kidnapping syndicates. I am not used to and I don’t like to be surrounded by bodyguards all the time and everywhere I go. I want to be free. I want to walk the malls or streets and eat in restaurant by myself or with my friends without those fears in mind.

Being that rich will only make me distrustful of others. This world is full of deceit. Neither would I want to be surrounded by a cordon sanitaire. It makes me unreachable. Bottom line is I will lose my true friends. I don’t want to be associated with the affluent socialites of the noble class. No wonder most billionaires are lonely.

Having much wealth is also dangerous. You are a forever walking target of opportunity (or should I say opportunist?). It’s perhaps akin to a well-known politician. It’s either you die of a heart attack or a bullet in your head. And perhaps, I would age quickly. There is this HR saying, a thousand employees under you will likewise give you a thousand headaches and problems. Maybe that’s why most billionaires don’t look their age. It’s either they get a wrinkled face or get bald or white haired easily. Too much activities or thinking and worries perhaps.¬†Sometimes they forget being good parents and neglect their families due to their hectic work schedules.

Most billionaires have broken homes or are stricken with illnesses of the rich.

WOW! Knowing all these downsides I guess I’d better wake up from my dream of being a billionaire. I may know how to be a good one but I am most happy where I am now. Remember Popeye’s song?


That’s all folks!

[Originally published at bitLanders.com rated 3/5 Star]


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