My Home Garden

I love everything about nature. And for me, I see my garden like a small world I live in. I get up at day break just to be with my little “friends”.

First, I see my spotted red, yellow and black lady bug busy flying from leaf to leaf. Then several small yellow butterflies flutter by and joined by some white ones.

On a stem I see a green caterpillar chugging up like a mini freight train.

Then way above me are dragon flies that remind me of helicopters hovering the skies to and fro. Towards some damp pots and stones a little toad comes hopping along in search of his meal.

Then by the bush I see an incy wincy spider busy spinning his web, perhaps to trap his breakfast.

Farther the dampen grounds, three millepedes crawling like buses in a hurry.

Of course, the garden won’t be complete without the maya birds or sparrows chirping in unison up in the trees ready to leave their nest to head off for their day’s work.

Then farther away, there are these slimy small yellow snails slowly crawling on wet stones as if they were racing to go nowhere.

You need a keen eye to spot a green and brown salamander making its way up a coconut tree, perhaps looking for his next meal.

Also on the coconut tree are a long string of industrious small black ants hording food for the rainy days ahead.

And every now and then I hear big flies hovering stationarywith buzzing sounds as if they had jet engines on them.

Occasionally, a big black bumble bee would swoop down into a flowering plant to sip its sweet nectar.

Sometimes I also see some yellow wasps compete with the bees and the butterflies among our flowering plants.

Yes, my garden reminds me of our own world. It’s no different from ours. At the crack of dawn every little creature I see are like their human counterparts doing their morning chores. My garden is indeed a world of wonders. Amidst the chaotic hustle and bustle of my “friends” world, I see them living in one peaceful and happy world with no indifference, fighting or violence whatsoever. It is the true world God created for us. I only wish our human world was the same.

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