Dawn and Me


Ever since I was a little girl of eight, I made it a habit to wake up at 4:00 a.m. I want to be the first to greet the break of day and see the glorious sun slowly spreading its golden rays upon mother earth. My favorite perch is our “nipa” cottage by the seashore. There, I patiently wait for the first signs of twilight. The otherwise complete silence is interrupted by the hypnotic splashing of the waves and the sporadic chirping of crickets nearby. I get exhilarated by the slight gentle breeze and the refreshing smell of sea air.

In the horizon, I could figure out silhouettes of dimly lighted fishing boats and flickering lights from a distant town. The skies are still lit with countless twinkling stars. But I can feel darkness slowly slipping away. Waiting for dawn is a magical experience indeed. It is blissfull serenity at its finest.

As twilight announces the break of day, the clear eastern skies are tainted with streaks of gray, blue, yellow and golden hues of light only the mystical sun can paint. It is like a kind of light from an alien world. It leaves you mesmerized to witness God’s divine creation in breathless splendor.






With a faint glow of the morning sun, I would run to the sandy beach and start playing hide and seek with my little hermit crab “friends” and go wading by the seashore collecting multi-colored seashells of different shapes and sizes along the way.

Occasionally, I would spot white migratory birds in close formation heading inland from some far distant place.



Then, as the sun shines in more light, I can see and hear the familiar drones of motor bancas coming ashore to unload their nightly catch. With the bright morning sun slowly rising, the serenity of dawn comes alive with human activity.

Yes, for me DAWN signifies a new beginning of life. Dawn promises new hope and courage to face up with life’s daily challenges and aspirations. Dawn is waking up from a dream land and stepping into the real world of human endeavor.

[Originally published at bitLanders.com rated 4/5 Star]


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