Grandma’s Girl


I have a friend who grew up under her grandma’s care and come to think about it, she ended up close to being a spoiled brat. I guess grandma’s are by nature over protective of their grand children especially her favorite one. Ooops, that’s not me!

Yes, she gets the best attention to a point of being pampered with nice toys of her choice, beautiful dresses, books, good food and occasionally pocket money. Of course that’s the secret they both keep from her mom.

Her grandma would give her a bath, comb her hair and reads her bedtime stories before she goes to bed. Because her mom was busy with work she didn’t get such treatment from her. Of course her mom is strict when it comes to discipline in the house.

No wonder there’s a saying in the Philippines that grand parents show more love and affection to their grand children rather than their own children. Yes, the fruit is sweeter than the seed!


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