Food for All

Many many times over did I see ripe fruits almost rotting on the ground that have fallen off trees. Yet, I don’t understand why some of my provincial Filipinos still complain of going hungry.




Here in our province, just open your eyes wide and search for food that mother nature has provided for us all year round. Old folks here always say that what birds do eat, man can eat too. There are so much vegetables, plants and fruit bearing trees we can tap for nutritious food or even herbal medicine for our many kinds of ailments.








Or, there’s the big wide sea as our seafood source. Perhaps, people are just plain lazy to go out and see what nature had provided us. Instead, I noticed they prefer to eat instant noodles with plain bread. It’s really not good for our health!

As for me, I prefer eating cooked root crops than ordinary bread. Camote or sweet potato or even cassava have more nutrient value than bread or many insect infested and unsanitary street food sold or peddled around town that is a sure source of sickness or disorders.

I am not picky or choosy when it comes to veggies, fruits and seafoods. Beef, pork or chicken just once in a while.

What I perhaps cannot eat are exotic foods cooked from snakes, monitor lizard, frogs, scorpions, locust, field rats and even dog meat. But if anyone would pay me a thousand dollars to eat a plate of it, why not? I may take a crack at it! Hahaha!


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