Whenever I lay on the beach on a bright moonlit night filled with countless of twinkling stars and colorful heavenly bodies I can’t help but wonder if there are extraterrestrial life existing somewhere in outer space? My guess is yes it’s a possibility.

The earth is only a minute spec in the entire galactic universe. God created our earth in all its splendor. It’s most likely HE created other places similar to ours. God filled our earth with numerous species and varieties of plants, animals and micro organisms including man of course.

So, why did God create the earth? HE created earth for man and His earthly creations to live on. If God created and populated the earth with different and various species of life don’t you think it would be possible for God to have created other forms of life elsewhere in the universe? The creation of our earth remains a mystery to me.

Why did God create our earth?


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