Three Trees

I am sure all of us still remember the wonderful poem of Joyce Kilmer entitled “TREES”. Here in the Philippines, we have a nice story about the trees.

Once, there were three big trees in a nearby rice field. One was fruit bearing mango tree. The other was a shady acacia tree. And the third one was a tall bamboo tree. It was a fine day and those trees were chatting the day away. They were comparing each other’s good attributes.


The mango tree boasted of its numerous ripe and delicious golden yellow fruit.


Not to be outdone, the acacia tree boasted of its many several long branches that provide the best shade there is.


The lowly and lanky bamboo tree was dumb founded. It couldn’t think of what to say. It neither had fruit nor provide any shade at all. It just had a few thin leaves and its trunk was thin and tall. The mango tree and the acacia tree started to laugh at the poor bamboo tree. They started to redicule and tease the bamboo tree from then on.


But one day, the weather turned bad. A very strong typhoon started to show its wrath. The winds were unforgiving. That scared the mango tree whose fruits and leaves were virtually blown away.


Similarly, the acacia tree was horrified. Its long brittle branches started to fall one by one.



Both trees were just waiting to be uprooted. They noticed the lowly bamboo tree seemingly unaffected by the storm. It just bent and swayed against the strong gusty winds. When the storm was over, the disheveled and nearly naked mango and acacia trees were astonished to see their rediculed friend standing calm, upright and smiling at them. It was as if it just weathered the storm with much ease.

The bamboo tree finally spoke:

“Just simply be what you are and don’t find fault with others. They may be better than you in other ways God has made them to be”.


Just like the bamboo tree, one must learn to always be humble, forthright and most of all FLEXIBLE. Or, the ability to adapt to any given situation calmly and with ease. Yes, Joyce Kilmer’s poem comes to mind.

I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree… But only God can make a tree.


[Originally published in bitLanders 2015]


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