Life Begins at 40

Life begins at forty. 

That’s a famous saying worldwide.

Well, for me there is much truth to it. Being a middle aged single girl perhaps it would be quite different if I was married. You know married women endure more motherhood pressures, financial or otherwise.

I am still as carefree and vibrant as I was 20 years ago. However, at 40, I tend to be more matured and discreet to enjoy life. My younger years was spent with impulsive mistakes and misadventures. Now I am more careful not to repeat those frivolities of the past. Learning through experience is the best teacher.

Now I still enjoy doing things that I always like without interference from a husband. I earn my own money and spend it as I please. No IF’s or BUT’s from a hubby and no worries on mouths to feed.

Am happy but there are times when a gloom thought haunts me. Would I still be what I am now when I reach 50? Will I still be happy to say, LIFE BEGINS AT 50? Wow! That will be the day folks! Wait for my blog when I get there! I hope you’d still be around. LOL!


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