Yes, FIRE! The most dreaded scream you’d want to hear. This happened to me only a few months ago. It was around 10 p.m. when I was awaken by shouts of FIRE FIRE!

I felt my whole body shake when I looked out of my window and saw the kitchen of my uncle’s house on fire. It was only a few meters away.

Instinctively, I rushed to the burning house thinking about the six kids aged 3-10. Luckily, they were already outside when I got there. I herded them to my room and attempted to rush back to help the menfolk put out the fire. But the kids followed me, so I got them back to my room and tried to put them to sleep.

I still could see the fire from my window and I wanted to video the fire. On second thought, I decided not to capture an unfortunate incident like this on film. My knees were shaking. I wanted to help but I couldn’t leave the kids.

After some minutes, the menfolk succeeded in extinguishing the fire. Those few minutes seemed like hours to me. I thought I would faint due to immense fear. Am glad only the kitchen burned down and everyone was safe.

I am a believer of a Filipino saying — It’s better to be burglarized ten times than to get your house burned down just once!


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