Worthwhile Hobby


Since I was five (5) years old I was so fascinated watching my mom at work on her sewing machine. I used to tinker with it while she was away. When she found out she removes the needle from the machine whenever she goes out. That’s where I learned to sew by hand at a tender age.

Now, I love sewing shorts for my niece and nephews by hand. To date, I must have done more than a hundred shorts in my spare time.

I derive much happiness and fulfillment when I see the kids’ faces beaming with joy and laughter while proudly showing off their new shorts. It’s a hobby I will always love doing whenever I can.

Giving happiness has no price tag on it.


It’s not only sewing I am proud of doing. As a youngster, I watch and observe my dad do carpentry work at home. That’s when I got interested and learned how to use the saw, hammer and other carpentry tools with ease.

I remember I had a suitor during my college days in Manila. He found me busy sawing and hammering away while fixing up and reinforcing a whole door at my boardinghouse with all the sweat and dirt. He just stared and watched. I found out he didn’t even know basic carpentry work.

Guess what? He never showed up again. I had to fix the door of my room myself to prevent burglars from breaking in. No big deal guys! That is, if you know how!


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