Lucky Lady

A lucky lady for me does not just necessarily mean being successful in business, career or on financial matters.

I would rather take these examples as what I may call Lucky Ladies:

  1. A lady who has a devoted and faithful lifetime partner who gives her utmost love, respect, dignity and accepts her for what she is and not for what she has achieved in life.
  2. A lady who is still single but is very much loved, respected and accepted by her family members, peers, friends and coworkers for her being sincere, amiable, humble, generous, hardworking and for having a positive outlook in life.
  3. A lady who may have been born under privileged, under educated and even ugly perhaps but can command the respect of her family and community members because of her cheerful nature, her honesty, fortitude, helpfulness and her hardworking character. One who despite being poor, can still hold her head up high with dignity and respect instead of being despised or humiliated.

Like what Jesus had said:

Man shall not live by bread alone.


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