One time, I accompanied a good friend to a far flung “barangay” on a private motorboat (banca). The long boat ride was enjoyable until we reach our destination. To my dismay, there was no wharf to disembark. Only big boulders by the shoreline. One slip and you’d fall into the stoney water waist deep. It’s so pathetic to know why the local government can’t construct a useful wharf or unloading ramp to avoid wading ashore.

Not like where I came from. You can bring the boat right on the sandy beach. Well, we all had no choice but go and wade ashore just like General Douglas McArthur’s Leyte beach landing!


Do you like boat riding? Maybe it depends on your status in life. The rich have yatchs and speed boats. Well, as for me I love the old trusty motor boat (banca). It got riggers to make it more stable especially on rough seas.

Boating is exhilarating. You feel the gush of wind on your face and the invigorating smell of sea water. I like the feel of bouncing on the “banca” as it slices thru the waves. That reminds me of a roller coaster ride when I was a kid.


Come to Bicol and enjoy the sea and our wondrous Mayon Volcano! It has the most perfect cone in the world.


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