Sunrise – Sunset


How I love to wake up at dawn and wait and watch for the majestic sun to rise. Sunrise always reminds me of LIFE — the beginning of life.

Like a seed sprouting out of the earth for the first time. As the sun rises I can’t help but think what this day has in store for me. Will it be good or bad? I’ll never know until I am in the midst of the day. That’s like life, isn’t it?


And as the day goes on, we face our daily joys and laughter, tears and fears, dreams and aspirations, challenges and frustrations.

And as the day wears on, we face the end of day with an equally awesome sunset. Like life it has its beginning and has its end. The sunset is inevitable and heralds the beginning of darkness.

Just like our LIFE, isn’t it? There is a beginning and an end.


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