Remaining Single

Yvonne Novela

I am writing about single Filipino ladies of legal age and the PROS and CONS of being such in life.

Let’s go to some of the PROS:

Well, being single gives a lady most of the freedom in life she is in.

  • She can do most anything she desires or pleases to do and go places without any stumbling blocks.
  • She has all the time to hangout with her friends with no house curfews to worry about.
  • Between two lady job applicants of equal caliber, a single lady has the bigger chance of getting hired than a married lady applicant in most cases.
  • A single lady can enjoy the company of several male acquaintances without any serious commitments or relationships. She has all the time to get exposed and know what male companionship is all about.
  • A single lady has a better chance to save her excess money in the bank, get a good insurance policy, or make financial investments of her choice.

On the CONS side, here are just a few of them:

  • A common negative thought from women who chose to remain single all her life is the fear of facing the future alone. There would be no one to look after her when she is old and grey.
  • Another CON of single womanhood is living thru loneliness most of the time. No matter how rich she maybe and how big her house is, her life would still be filled with emptiness. She needs a happy family of her own to turn her house into a home.

As for me, remaining single is still my best option at the moment. I enjoy meeting lots of friends, bloggers, writers, and readers like YOU!



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