Flowers and Bees

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When I was about twenty years old I never got into any serious relationships with boys. I did have good boy friends though but just for acquaintance sake.

I always told myself that I should plan on getting serious and perhaps settle down by the time I reach 25-28 years old. But lo and behold! When I hit 25 years old I started to feel like a sweet pretty flower in full bloom but never visited by the bees.


And believe me, after ten years thereafter, I am still that flower waiting for at least — a bee. Many of my close friends tell me guys get intimidated by my strong personality and wit. Or, perhaps I set my idealistic standards too high.

Now, I really wonder when the right bee would ever come along. Oh, I know how! Maybe I should turn from being that sweet pretty flower into a Venus Flytrap! You know it’s flower that traps its prey for a meal. Hahaha!



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