Single at 40



That’s a familiar question we always ask ourselves when the chips are down. For me, I feel so depressed when I think of the missed opportunities of my love life many years back.

I guess I have been so fickle or very IDEALISTIC in choosing a partner. I think and I know I have all the qualities a man looks for in a girl (yabang! LOL).

But now, come to think about it. I lost all those chances for nothing. Now, I ask myself “when will Mr. Right come along?”.

Really, I feel I’d go crazy groping for the right answer. It’s never too late I guess. Or, should I say “I HOPE”? Or, now should I add “I PRAY”? Hey, Guys! Wake me up! LOL!


It’s really fascinating to know why men and women 30 years plus remain single. Well, just like me! Maybe it’s because of too much IDEALISM. I’ve had boyfriends before but couldn’t find my Mr. Right.

Here’s why:

  • He may be cute but has no brain.
  • He may be intelligent but is a bore.
  • He may be tall and handsome but never offers to pay for a dinner date (scrooge).
  • He may be well employed but seldom takes me out.

You know what I mean. I have standards that are never met. I guess that’s why I am still enjoying my single blessedness.

Whenever someone tells me “so why don’t you want to get married?” WOW! What a question! Grrrrr!

Marriage is NO BIG JOKE at this day and age. When the honeymoon is over, will he be able to provide me with food, clothing and shelter? How stable is he to provide for our children to be? Their needs, education, etc. Well and good if so. But nowadays it’s hard to find such a guy so prepared for a wholesome married life. And that’s a fact! Hahaha!

Remaining single is still my best option for the moment. If I strike it rich on my own then I don’t give a hoot if I marry a poor simple fisherman. That’s as long as he makes a good and devoted husband and we really love each other. I don’t mind sharing my personal wealth with those I love and those I will share my life with to the very end.


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