Seafoods and Veggies




How would you like a newly caught grouper (lapu-lapu) done?

I am lucky this tasty fish are plentiful in the waters of Sorsogon City. It is an expensive dish in Manila restaurants. Moreso, in five star hotels. It is commonly steamed but you can also order it in fish stew called “sinigang” in the Philippines. Lapu-lapu when steamed or grilled is very meaty and palatable.

Do you know that in the deep sea waters fishermen here swear they grow as big as a Volkswagen beetle car? Wow! That I love to have on my plate!



Another popular and common fish found in the waters of Bicolandia is Yellow Fin. It is equally meaty, palatable and tasty especially when grilled.

Whenever we have guests we grill the yellow fins and spread out a large freshly cut banana leaves on the table. Then we fill up the leaves with hot rice. We have tomato, onions, chinese orange or golden lime and soy sauce with crushed small red super hot and spicy pepper.

Fresh coconut juice or soft-drinks are likewise served. Then we line up all the newly grilled and delicious fish in the middle of the banana leaves all for the taking.





Did we forget anything?

Nope! None of the forks and spoons stuff. We eat with our bare but cleanly washed hands Filipino Style. You’d eat to your heart’s content! And after that hefty lunch it’s time for us to head for the beach to enjoy swimming and collecting various species of multicolored and multi-shaped seashells that lay on the seashore for your picking. It’s for FREE!



When I was in Manila I used to cook buttered shrimps. Or, just steam crabs, dip in vinegar with onions, salt and crushed small red pepper (labuyo).

Or, cook crabs in coconut milk with Potato Vine or Swamp Cabbage (kangkong in Filipino, scientifically named Ipomea aquatica Torsk), salt, garlic, and onions.


When I was in Clark, Pampanga there was an eatery that serves buttered mixed seafoods and vegetables. I loved it! With so many ingredients (prawn, squid, crab meat, lobster, clams, young corn, carrot, cabbage, broccoli, etc.) I’d rather buy it than cook it. Taste so yummy!




Here at Sorsogon City we have plenty of crabs and seashells and you know what, it’s for free on a great catch. I love picking crabs by the sea!

Yes, you can pick as many live crabs as you want during low tide. I am quite an expert when it comes to crabs! Just come over and I’ll be glad to show you how to pick live crabs by the sea floor and most especially how to cook it in various dishes, Bicol Style!


Sorry to my Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) friends!



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