Owning Land in the Philippines

image Who doesn’t dream to own a beach resort?

Who knows one day I might win the lottery. I’d buy a coconut farm by the beach!

Here’s what I learned from my parents when buying land in my country i.e. from X:

  1. Go to Assessor’s Office, verify if there is a Tax Declaration under X’s name.
  2. Go to Registry of Deeds, verify if X is the real owner.
  3. Go to Bureau of Land and verify it again.

Do 1-3 from Municipal, Provincial, and National Offices. If ALL records are the same, it is SAFE to buy.

Check and see if everything is legally and financially viable!

I know of doctors who bought land without verifying its ownership. The first doctor bought land and later on sold it to another doctor. When the last doctor visited the place there was a couple living there in a “Nipa Hut” (Filipino native house). He asked the poor couple to move or vacate the place believing he is the new owner of the land. The poor couple didn’t move until they were sued by the said doctor. Guess who won the case? The poor couple (my parents)!

Who ever said money means power? KNOWLEDGE is!




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