Medicinal Plants and Veggies

Sometimes I feel like a goat having veggies and anything green and leafy for my daily diet. There’s this herb plant called “lubi-lubi” or “niyog-niyog” in Bicol. (Lubi or Niyog means coconut). It belongs to the species FICUS PSEUDOPALMA. It looks like a palm but is actually part of the fig family and is found in the Philippines. I love it cooked in coconut milk or sautéed with boneless smoked fish.

This veggie is very delicious even without fish and has medicinal properties. It is said to be a very good remedy for high blood pressure!

Yes, just like a goat I’d eat anything green and leafy. It’s the secret for longevity!


Horseradish Tree leaves (malunggay in Filipino, scientifically named Moringa oleifera Lam.) is one of my favorite veggies. This green leafy veggie has many health benefits and is said to be one of the best source of vitamin A, B, C, and minerals like iron, amino acids, methionine and cystine. It can cure headache, fungal skin disorders, gastric, ulcers, diarrhea, arthritis, gout boils, urinary tract infection and even epilepsy. Amazing!

I love it cooked in coconut milk with shark meat, vinegar, garlic, onions, salt, black pepper and small red super hot and spicy pepper (labuyo) called “kinunot”.


Sweet Potato (kamote or camote in Filipino, scientifically named Ipomea Batatas) is found almost everywhere in the Philippines. Lowly camote tops has many health benefits and is said to cure cardiovascular diseases and even cancer and lowers blood sugar and cholesterol. It is one of the richest source of vitamin A thiamine, riboflavin and ascorbic acid.

I love it cooked or sautéed with sardines in tomato sauce or fresh fish in sour soup. Or, just steam it, add soy sauce, fresh tomato, golden lime juice, onions and crushed small red pepper (labuyo). Serve with fried or grilled fish and plain rice. Yummy!


Cassava or Tapioca Plant (kamoteng kahoy or balinghoy in Filipino, scientifically named Manihot esculenta Crantz) abounds everywhere in the Philippines. It is very rich in starch and can be cooked in many ways. Its starch can cure measles or allergen (boil water with cassava starch or “gawgaw”, cool and bath or soak skin for 10-15 minutes). We even have a delicacy called Cassava Cake.

Here in Sorsogon, we also cook its young leaves with coconut milk, boneless smoked fish or dried anchovies, salt, garlic and onions just like other veggies. It is very delicious and filling. As long as you know how and can IDENTIFY green leafy plants or veggies, you will never go hungry here.

[Originally published in Bubblews 2013]

How to Setup 3rd Party URL for Blog

Someone asked me how I setup 3rd party URL for my Blogger blogs so I created this short post.

(1) Buy a domain from

(2) Sign In at,

  • Select “Setting”, click “+Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog”.
  • Enter your domain (i.e.
  • Copy CNAMEs reference below screenshot.

(3) Go to Namecheap Dashboard… click “Manage”… click “Domain” and “Advanced DNS”…

(3.1) Edit/Create CNAME Records and paste CNAMEs reference #2.

(3.2) Add four (4) “A Record” using the following IP addresses:


That’s it!

Why I Choose Namecheap?

  • Credit/Debit Card NOT required.
  • Bitcoin Accepted.

The Essence of Time


Most of us view the sunset as the end of one fine and busy day and the beginning of their nocturnal activities to unwind themselves from the hectic day that was.

For me, the sunset always remind me of the essence of TIME. Its always has a beginning and always an end. While sunrise heralds awakening to a bright new day of toil and adventure, sunset on the other hand means, it’s time to head back to your nest and spend your night in peace, serenity and of family sharing and bonding. For me, sunset also means preparing yourself to meet the next sunrise with more confidence and optimism in facing the never ending challenges of our daily life.

How about you? How’s your sunset like?

Do you have a “beach personality”?

Count me in. You can call me a beachcomber or a beach bum but never a beach rat. The latter connotes one who is always at the beach and hates work. No siree, not me! LOL!

image I am a plain and simple beach lover. Well, I was born and raised by the beach in my lovely hometown of Sorsogon, Philippines that’s why. Imagine yourself strolling by the seashore barefooted while waiting for the first rays of sunlight amidst the cool gentle sea breeze rushing through your face, ruffling your hair while invigorating your whole being.

Listen to the melodious splashing of the waves beneath your feet and shrilling cries of seabirds swooping to and fro the seashore, heralding the break of day. Pick up those multi shaped and colorful sea shells as you walk the soft and soothing sand. Laze by the beach and get a good tan while sipping your favorite lemonade.

Don’t you wish you live by the beach?

Countless Seashells

Being a born beach bum, I am always fascinated with the countless seashells strewn all over the sandy beach especially during low tide.

Sea Shells

Empty Seashells

As a kid, I spent my early mornings chasing hermit crabs and picking up sea shells on the seashore that I find beautiful and unique. In fact to this day, I still have a modest collection of several varieties of seashells that come in various shapes, colors and sizes. I even have a large cornocopia that as a kid, I stick it up in my ear whenever I want to hear the enchanting splashing of the waves before I go to bed at night. Do do you believe that? LOL! Yes, that’s how my fertile imagination was like as a child.

How about you? Do you like sea shells?


Aside from my hobby of collecting beautiful seashells by the seashore, I also have a penchant for cooking and eating edible seashells.

Clam soup for example, is an ideal dish that is delectable and has medicinal properties as well. Clams are rich in iodine and is a preventive cure for goiter.

There are several ways of cooking other varieties of seashells. Mind you, they are all very nutritious!

Have you ever tried eating seashell dishes?

A Pescetarian


I love eating fish. If people who loves eating veggies are called vegetarians, then call me a “pescetarian”.

Yes, I prefer eating fish in all its culinary forms than eating pork or beef. Do you know that fish is considered a brain food?


Fish also reduces the risk of heart ailments, stroke, obesity, arthritis, high blood pressure and cancer.

Pork, chicken and beef are usually prepared with chemicals or preservatives that may prove harmful to our health. Moreso, for canned sausages, liver speads, corned beef and hotdogs.

Bicol Dish: Ginataang Yellow Fin

Bicol Dish: Ginataang Yellow Fin

Fish is likewise an iron builder thus lowering the risk of developing anemia. Mind you, most vegetarians may succumb to anemic deficiencies. So, don’t you wish you were a “pescetarian” like me?